Kids’ Break Classes

Know any kids that want to do some sewing during break? We have one more day of classes-Wednesday, Dec. 29, at 10 am or 2 pm.
Morning class project will be a sewing notions pouch (pic below) and afternoon class will make a faux fur vest (pic in class listing).
Click on Classes in top bar, then Classes at Hancock/Bernina to register.

Feeding My Sewing Spirit

I made it to the Junk Bonanza down at Canterbury Park in Shakopee. My registration for Creative Connection got me in free and a nice person gave me her $2 discount ticket for my friend. We wandered through on Friday morning. Three buildings of old furniture, stuff, jewelry, vintage everything. I find that it feeds my creative spirit. Seeing things that others do, their unique displays and some of the genuine characters who move from junk market to junk market across the US. I wish I would have taken pictures of a few of them.

So here are a few pictures of things that may feed your creative sewing spirit-the first one is of the treasures I picked up-cordial glasses and vintage button/jewelry from the junk market and the owl and headband from Handmade Market downtown. Handmade Market is over at 3 today and the Junk Bonanza is open till 5 today for $8. Today is the last day.

My Treasures




Have I convinced you that wandering/shopping can be part of the creative process?