May Club Meetings-A Full Deck!

Yes, there were 52 people attending-thanks to all for coming!! Photos and Club Sheets are posted (see bar above). Here’s the show and tell! Lots of people eager to sew for warmer weather-whenever it decides to come around…

Sewing Workshop's Liberty Shirt
Sewing Workshop’s Liberty Shirt
Those great big bold prints we're seeing everywhere
Those great big bold prints we’re seeing everywhere
Using a contrast color thread adds a little pizzazz
Using a contrast color thread adds a little pizzazz
Wool still feels good some mornings...
Wool still feels good some mornings…
January's POM
January’s POM
Fun bags
Fun bags
An armful of bags
An armful of bags
Vogue 8952
Vogue 8952
Pleated Sandra Betzina blouse
Pleated Sandra Betzina blouse
Tilton jacket in a ponte knit
Tilton jacket in a ponte knit
Granville Shirt conquered!
Granville Shirt conquered!
Foldover elastic used for neckband
Foldover elastic used for neckband
Look closely at the blue skirt-cut out scuba knit!
Look closely at the blue skirt-cut out scuba knit!

Clare and her classic jacket
Clare and her classic jacket

More Show and Tell

First, a follow up from the last post. Barbara (below)
sent a picture of the cuddly blanket that her sister embellished with jacket leftovers. Thanks, Barbara!
Judie Gift To Barbara
Next up, show and tell from our Saturday and Tuesday meetings-(I tried to remember pattern numbers…)

The cool wool fabric with the square holes!
The cool wool fabric with the square holes!

Sewing Workshop's Chicago  Jacket
Sewing Workshop’s Chicago Jacket
Headed to Hawaii
Headed to Hawaii
Vogue 1363
Vogue 1363
Sewing Workshop's Odette & Ivy
Sewing Workshop’s Odette & Ivy
Self drafted welt pocket!!
Self drafted welt pocket!!

Vogue 9035 Marcy Tilton
Vogue 9035 Marcy Tilton

FullSizeRender 26
And last but not least, the Pattern of the Month photos! A few brave souls took us up on the challenge and made/modified the following versions of Vogue 9026.
Vogue 9026
Vogue 9026

FullSizeRender 23

FullSizeRender 22

FullSizeRender 13

FullSizeRender 7

FullSizeRender 27

Last of the February Bag

photo 6
photo 7
photo 5
photo 4

I must confess I’ve had a bit too much fun with this bag. We’ve had great feedback from it so that helps. I had to try a smaller version/different fabric which is the size of the purchased pattern (11″ x 11″ x 3″) and then one more large bag in a third fabric.

I like the smaller size for more of a “purse”. The blue fabric was thinner but still has good body and was easy to work with. The black and white webbing is fun-a bit wider but there isn’t much variety out there in a webbing that can accommodate the cording folded inside-which isn’t mandatory for the bag, just one way to do it.

The gray fabric of the larger bag is nice but turned out to be too thick to get under the serger. It has more of a sponge feel on the inside so it needed to be lined on the bottom (whereas I didn’t do that on the others that had a nicer wrong side).

The red faux leather fabric (see previous post) is sold out at the Southtown Hancock (I’d like to think that’s because of the Material Girls and their clientele ;)) but the black and white webbing, blue fabric, gray fabric and chevron lining is all available at Hancock. Can’t wait to reveal the March Bag of the Month!

Tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 20) we will be at Hancock Southtown for Serger Club at 10:30 (McCalls 6844 cardi) and a 1:30 Sewing and Serging Class (at which you, too, could make a bag or whatever you please). Sign up through the website or email us.

August and September Club Photos Online and More

We’ve been chomping at the bit trying to get everything caught up after moving to a new (to us) house and a long weekend with the twins!

First sand experience

Show and Tell has been wonderful! We went over 50 people attending Fashion Sewing Club in September and new faces keep coming. There were 23 people at both the Tuesday and Saturday meetings! Make It Sew, look out as we try to increase numbers at the Thursday meeting also. Any ideas are welcome 🙂
Bridesmaid’s dress (after a trip to the dry cleaners:))

Su is back in the saddle and sewing up a storm!

These pictures make it look like we all sew children’s garments but the truth is, the children’s garments are much easier to photograph (and the models are much less discriminating:) We will try to do a better job of capturing the fashion garments that everyone is sewing so the inspiration can be shared online.

All three stores, Treadle, Make It Sew and Hancock have new calendars and they’ve been updated (whew) so help yourself around the website and keep that creativity flowing!

Coffee Break Perusing

Guest Post from Kenzie Carlson

Dear Sewists,

Here are a few examples of how I use Pattern Review (

I’m having a great time experimenting with making knit tee’s in a non-bias fashion using the bias Burda pattern 7509. I wondered if there’s a simple men’s tee pattern…not that I want to switch gears to make something for my husband at this time. So, I looked at Pattern Review during my coffee break from sewing.

I found this posting that has directions on how to make a design on freezer paper, iron it to the shirt, and spray paint. Now, how cool is that!

I noticed that this sewer has 85 reviews, so I took a look to see what other creative things she has:

Then, THIS Amy Butler bag took my eye because MOST Amy Butler bags are made with colorful quilting material. This had wording and looked different! Turns out, it’s made with rice bags, plus there’s an inside insulated pocket for refrigerated items when using for market purchases. (This is a very creative sewer!!)

Weeks ago, killing time looking at Accessories on Pattern Review, I came across this Obi Bag from Sewing Workshop. Turns out the pattern is OOP, but by reading the reviews, I think I can duplicate it. I found material and it’s in the hopper, waiting to be made.

This sewer has 60 reviews and here’s more inspiration to tack onto my “to do” sewing list:

As I’ve mentioned before, daily (usually!), I scan the Review Gallery (under Sewing Reviews on the home page, 1/2 way down the left side) for inspiration. Pattern Review has a variety of garments and you never know what will be posted.

I look at other websites/facebook, too, such as Tilton and Sagers, which are wonderful for ideas especially on different looks for one pattern; how to change things up to get the most out of one pattern. To me, this is extremely important because the pattern work of fitting is the most time consuming. Once something fits (darts in right place, shorten/lengthen lines adjusted, etc), then the fun can begin!

Coffee break done – back to sewing!

It’s all about the fabric

I bought this beautiful fabric at Treadle before leaving MN.  It was so beautiful- and I didn’t really know what I wanted to make with it – but I knew I had to have the fabric.  I bought 2+ yards of it and I’m so glad I did.  I’m learning that if I really love a fabric – buy 2-3 yards because it will give you the flexibility to make one bigger item (like a jacket or dress) or a couple of smaller items. It’s similar to the theory that if you like a pattern and get it to fit you well – make two or three more!

First, I made Vogue 8597 with this fabric.  I did check out Pattern Review first – and there were a few complaints, pretty minor, most people had good things to say.  One person wanted more drape in the neckline so included instructions of how to create more drape.  However, I’m very happy with the drape of the neckline and I think it really has to do with the choice of fabric.  Isn’t that the best part of sewing – when you hit the right combination of fabric and pattern choice? I’m so glad even some of the experts recognize that this can be a difficult thing to do! This fabric works perfectly for this style.  (One note on the fabric – I did find that it seemed to catch on the metal plate of my Elna Lock, so I had to keep a close eye on feeding the fabric through my serger.) I’ve been finding that when making knit items using Vogue patterns, if I use my regular pattern size -the finished garment ends up too big. So, for this top I compared the finished bust measurement to other patterns I’ve made and either liked or didn’t like the fit. Based on the finished bust measurement of this pattern I decided to size down and it fit exactly how I wanted the first time around. Overall the top came together quickly, nice and easy!

Next on deck for this fabric is a t-shirt using Vogue 8536. I’m always looking for a great T-shirt pattern! I know other ladies at club have made this pattern and it is a great basic fit. They’ve dressed up the basic T by adding a bit of gathering on the side at the bustline and an easy-to-hem side vent. I like that this pattern includes several options- vneck, cross over, sleeveless…great to have in your pattern stash.

One more note on the fabric, I first saw this at Treadle over a year ago, I have since seen variations at Mood in NYC, Christine Jonson online, and even a local independent fabric store – so if you like it you should be able to find it some where!

All Knits Do Not Roll Equally

Several tees in the new Talbots catalog caught my eye:

It looked like the rolled knit embellishment I used on my “Strip Tees” last month at Fashion Sewing Club.

Which made me wonder if I was limited to cotton/lycra knits for this method or if some of the rayon and poly knits were candidates. So I sewed a few strips together, got them wet and threw them into the dryer.

Here are the results:

Unfortunately these are remnants from my stash so I can’t say exactly what the content is but, for me, the bottom line is: It’s worth the time to make a mock up and be sure I’ll get the roll I want.

Now to the sewing table to copy the tees!

February Fashion Sewing Club

Show and Tell on Valentine’s Day! We even got birthday treats and bookmarks as we celebrated Ruth’s birthday at the Treadle morning meeting. Yet another good reason to come to Club 🙂

This month’s offerings came from a larger pool of sewists. Thanks to Cheri and Carrie for filling out the line up as Laurel improved her vision and Debbie and Kristin worked on an early tan. Thanks to all of you who attended and keep up the wonderful show and tell.

Here are pictures of most of the garments:

Debbie's Silk Banded Tee

Debbie's Boat Neck Dress

Carrie's Embellished Cardigan

Carrie's Arty Cardigan

Flower Embellishment

Cheri's 2x4 Top

Cheri's Liberty Tee

Laurel's Vogue 8611

Kristin's Ruched Tee

Kristin's Red Wool Tee

Kristin's Lizzie's Tee

And a few Show and Tell highlights:

Katherine Tilton's Zip Tee in a Girl's size

Christening Gown

Tunic dresses with trim belts

Little Girl's Outfit

Happy Sewing and hope to see you in March!