More Items in Bags For Kids

When I contacted the social worker who requested the bags she mentioned that the kids really loved the blankets.

Blankets? We didn’t do blankets. And then there were toothbrushes and toothpaste. We didn’t do that either.

But being a sucker for helping others, I am putting it out there to see if there are any Girl Scout groups or others who might be interested in buying, cutting and tying polar fleece blankets to put inside our bags or donate some toothbrushes and toothpaste.
It could be a great reason for a spring break party for kids and we would be happy to let another group make the delivery and see where the bags are going if you would like. I guess we are looking for a partner or two who would help us keep up the standards of the project without being too much at one time for one group.

It’s been 3 years since 40 bags were given to Carver County so we don’t have to get them all done at once. The response from all of you has been fantastic. At the time of this writing Nancy has sewn 6 bags, Pam picked up 4 and Barb 2. Lisa wants to make them and has enlisted her daughter, sister and niece and we have three people coming on Monday to work on the project.

Thanks so much!!

August and September Club Photos Online and More

We’ve been chomping at the bit trying to get everything caught up after moving to a new (to us) house and a long weekend with the twins!

First sand experience

Show and Tell has been wonderful! We went over 50 people attending Fashion Sewing Club in September and new faces keep coming. There were 23 people at both the Tuesday and Saturday meetings! Make It Sew, look out as we try to increase numbers at the Thursday meeting also. Any ideas are welcome 🙂
Bridesmaid’s dress (after a trip to the dry cleaners:))

Su is back in the saddle and sewing up a storm!

These pictures make it look like we all sew children’s garments but the truth is, the children’s garments are much easier to photograph (and the models are much less discriminating:) We will try to do a better job of capturing the fashion garments that everyone is sewing so the inspiration can be shared online.

All three stores, Treadle, Make It Sew and Hancock have new calendars and they’ve been updated (whew) so help yourself around the website and keep that creativity flowing!

The Art of Fitting-In the Thick of It

Carrie writes from Peggy Sagers’ Fit Training Workshop-
(Read “The Art of Fitting-Before” blogpost first to get the full scoop.)

Here are my thoughts from day 2 of training.

Learning fit is not for the faint of heart!

The last two days of fitting classes have been exhausting. By the time we wrap for the day my brain hurts – it’s so full of information it feels like it might start oozing out!
Thursday we started off with an easy lesson, fitting tee shirts. Today, Friday, we took the full day fitting blouses, which was really a lesson on darts and armhole adjustments. The basic format of each session is to start with Q&A from the previous day or session, then we jump into fitting muslins on a partner. We have a large class of twenty ladies. That does affect the flow of the class and the information covered each day, but Peggy is dedicated to ensure each muslin is reviewed by her. However, the practice fitting other ladies is invaluable! Each evening I’ve worked on transferring the adjustments which have been pinned into my garment on to the pattern.

At times I question if I’m really “getting it”, but I’m beginning to understand fit is learned by repetition. The first time you make the right adjustment it almost feels like an accident- did I really know what I was doing? But after seeing it, hearing it, and doing it all day it does begin to imprint itself in your brain.
The class is a mix of ladies who want to teach fitting, those who just want to have muslins fit for them, and a few ladies who just enjoy classes with Peggy ; )

For now I’m signing off, it’s been a long, busy day!

Busy Sewing

With the first Club meetings starting next week, all three of us have been busily sewing away. It’s a nail biting process but hopefully all of us are enjoying the beautiful Labor Day weekend. A few things have been added to the site-Bios Page, Debbie’s Classes, another meeting for Club at Associated in St. Paul and a few new websites to visit (see Blogroll).
Hope all of you are working on a Show and Tell project. See you in the upcoming two weeks.