August and September Club Photos Online and More

We’ve been chomping at the bit trying to get everything caught up after moving to a new (to us) house and a long weekend with the twins!

First sand experience

Show and Tell has been wonderful! We went over 50 people attending Fashion Sewing Club in September and new faces keep coming. There were 23 people at both the Tuesday and Saturday meetings! Make It Sew, look out as we try to increase numbers at the Thursday meeting also. Any ideas are welcome 🙂
Bridesmaid’s dress (after a trip to the dry cleaners:))

Su is back in the saddle and sewing up a storm!

These pictures make it look like we all sew children’s garments but the truth is, the children’s garments are much easier to photograph (and the models are much less discriminating:) We will try to do a better job of capturing the fashion garments that everyone is sewing so the inspiration can be shared online.

All three stores, Treadle, Make It Sew and Hancock have new calendars and they’ve been updated (whew) so help yourself around the website and keep that creativity flowing!

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