June Garment Photos

Another month has flown by-hope you are enjoying the wonderful spring (for a day or two yet) weather and some fun summer sewing projects.
A big thanks to Kathy and Cheri for filling in for Kristin (China vacation) and filling in gaps for Laurel after her mother passed away. Our condolences to Laurel and her family.

Kathy and Cheri took a cue from our current Club challenge-mini wardrobe building-and showed us how easy it can be to have many outfits with just a few pieces.

Kathy's Mixit Jacket

Kathy's Mixit Tank

Kathy's Trio Tee

Kathy's Scarf (instructions in next blog)
Cheri's By Popular Demand Jacket and Ikina Pant
Cheri's Pure & Simple Shell
Jacket, Shell and Swing Skirt
Pant Design Addition
Debbie's Liverpool Shirt
Debbie's Vest
Fabric Embellishment Detail
Debbie's Summer Nightgown
Godet Detail
Laurel's Blouse

Happy Summer Sewing! How about some competition for the Gingher Scissors (prize for the mini wardrobe challenge :))

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