July Fashion Sewing Club

Yes, it says “July”. A bit of catching up to do. I’m back from the first wedding. Such a wonderful weekend! Pictures in next blog. But now I have to catch up with the garment pictures from July.

Remember-We’re not meeting in August!!! We’ll be meeting at Hancock Fabrics in Southtown (Penn and 494) in September. I also just received an email from Judy at Associated and they’ll be moving to St. Paul-their lease is up.

Here are July’s pictures:

Laurel's blouse

Laurel's Top

Back View

Laurel's Black Jacket

Debbie's Blouse and Skirt

Debbie's Jacket

Back Detail

Debbie's Bejeweled Tee

Wedding Dress No. 1

Wedding Dress No. 2

Back View

Peek-a-boo Pleated Skirt

College Laundry Bags

Remember the mini wardrobe challenge? Well, we all found out how hard that is but will keep working at it. Our winner was Kay Dole from the Treadle group. She took home the designer Gingher scissors. Thanks for inspiring us always, Kay!

Just a sample of Kay's Mini Wardrobe

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