Fashion Sewing Club Week Coming Up!

(Yes, Virginia, you are in the right place-the website format is new!)

Next week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (4/8, 10, 12), will be April Club meetings. The weatherman is calling for warm weather and we hope he’s right. As an added bonus for those of you attending the Treadle meetings, they are having a great sale to get everyone in the mood for the new season’s latest fashion sewing (we’re just a bit confused as to which it is-spring or a replay of winter-“winternity”?). The sale started April 3 and continues to April 13.

With spring comes spring cleaning and some of you were excited about doing a pattern swap so if you are cleaning out patterns, bring them to Club and see if anyone might want them. It can be pretty eye opening when you see what you thought you might have sewn one day…
march 13 008_thumb[2]

ugly pattern 4

ugly pattern 3
Here are three winners from the website Simple Simon and Co. Check out the link and see what they did with their contest for the ugliest pattern. We’ll post any that come close to these examples 🙂

I made the first delivery of Bags for Kids on Thursday at Carver County. There were 20 bags, 18 blankets and 23 toothbrushes! Thanks for the great response. There will be an opportunity to help finish up a few bags and blankets at Club meetings; any tubes of toothpaste would be appreciated.

Last month’s show and tell was fantastic at ALL meetings. We can’t wait to see what you’ve all sewn up for spring.

And a shout out to my tech support and marketing advisor-Thank you!!!

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