Easter Sewing and Come to Club!

I don’t know that we’ve seen the sun since Easter Sunday (and then not for very long) but here are a few photos that may bring a little sunshine into your day. Full disclosure: they are my grandkids so I am biased :}
Youngest to oldest-

Atticus in "Grant's Vintage Romper" from Sew Beautiful pattern
Atticus in “Grant’s Vintage Romper” from Sew Beautiful pattern

You can get the Sew Beautiful directions here.

Finally finished Elizabeth Zimmerman's Surprise Jacket. Just fits!
Finally finished Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Surprise Jacket. Just fits!

Sweater pattern available here.

Ezekiel fitting into last year's twin's outfit
Ezekiel fitting into last year’s twin’s outfit
Don't forget the hat!
Don’t forget the hat!

Even though I didn’t get anything sewn for them, I knew you’d all want to see how they’ve grown:
Ben-2 yrs. 5 mos.
Ben-2 yrs. 5 mos.

Drew, 2 yrs. 5 mos.
Drew, 2 yrs. 5 mos.

And finally for some of what I’m missing (sewing for girls), Annette sent me a photo of her Easter sewing. Thanks!
Swiss sateen, french lace, and pearl buttons
Swiss sateen, french lace, and pearl buttons

Suffice it to say, even if I have granddaughters, there may only be one dress of that caliber to share.

Fashion Sewing Club meetings coming up-

Thursday, April 9, 10:30 and 6:30, First Sewing, Blmgtn. Hancock Fabrics
Saturday, April 11, at Treadle Yard Goods
Tuesday, April 14, 10:30 at Treadle Yard Goods


Treadle Yard Goods: 651-698-9690,www.treadleyardgoods.com
Kids After School Sewing, Tuesdays, April 7, 14, 21 and 28, 4:00-5:30

First Sewing, Bloomington Hancock Fabrics, 952-884-1938
*Please register in advance with Material Girls on our website or call 952-201-3863
Sew-Serge-Fit, Thurs., April 2, 16 and 23 and 30, 10:00-12:00, 6:00-8:00
Sew Along-Studio (Pants or You Pick), Thurs., Apr. 9, 16, 23, 30, 1-4 pm
Kids’ Sewing, Sat., Apr. 11, 1:30-3:30, Thursdays, April 16, 30, 4:30-6

Also Textile Garage Sale is this Saturday and Treadle’s big sale goes till the 12th (you can have sale prices if you come to Club on Tuesday, but the good stuff might be gone…)

Hope to see you this month!!

Fashion Sewing Club Week Coming Up!

(Yes, Virginia, you are in the right place-the website format is new!)

Next week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (4/8, 10, 12), will be April Club meetings. The weatherman is calling for warm weather and we hope he’s right. As an added bonus for those of you attending the Treadle meetings, they are having a great sale to get everyone in the mood for the new season’s latest fashion sewing (we’re just a bit confused as to which it is-spring or a replay of winter-“winternity”?). The sale started April 3 and continues to April 13.

With spring comes spring cleaning and some of you were excited about doing a pattern swap so if you are cleaning out patterns, bring them to Club and see if anyone might want them. It can be pretty eye opening when you see what you thought you might have sewn one day…
march 13 008_thumb[2]

ugly pattern 4

ugly pattern 3
Here are three winners from the website Simple Simon and Co. Check out the link and see what they did with their contest for the ugliest pattern. We’ll post any that come close to these examples 🙂

I made the first delivery of Bags for Kids on Thursday at Carver County. There were 20 bags, 18 blankets and 23 toothbrushes! Thanks for the great response. There will be an opportunity to help finish up a few bags and blankets at Club meetings; any tubes of toothpaste would be appreciated.

Last month’s show and tell was fantastic at ALL meetings. We can’t wait to see what you’ve all sewn up for spring.

And a shout out to my tech support and marketing advisor-Thank you!!!

July could be a busy month

My sons just spent their last days in my house as single men(!). We had a great family potluck shower at my sister’s and now the weddings are becoming a reality. Decisions need to be made, etc., etc., etc.

July Fashion Sewing Club will reveal a few dresses as options for the mother of the groom but I’ve got to admit that Nordstrom’s is my fall back. Club meetings begin this Thursday at Associated Sewing in Bloomington (10:30 and 6:30) and Saturday at 10:30.

You may want to take in the Eagle Creek Garage Sale in Shakopee on Saturday (9 am-2 pm) after Club. I haven’t been for a few years but I remember some great vintage notions and fabric. Click here to go to the website.

On Tuesday, we’ll be at Treadle Yard Goods (10:30 and 6:30). Their big summer sale goes from July 8-18. Some of their dress silks are on my MOG dress list.

We’ve had a few requests to hold Fashion Sewing Club at The Sampler (551 W. 78th St.) in Chanhassen, so this is our trial month. Wednesday, July 14th we’ll have our meeting at 6:30 pm only, but we will have it no matter what. We’d like to see eight people to continue the meetings into the fall. Email us or call The Sampler (934-5307) to let them know you’ll be there. Bring your friends-first timers are free (at any meeting). The store is starting to carry more fashion fabric so support them if you want great fabric in a west metro location. Pics of some of the fabrics are below.

Remember Kathy’s scarf from last month? Here is a picture of it laid out. It’s a 32″x22″ rectangle and 7″ wide until it goes down to the points. Hopefully we’ll see a few from the serger class at Club meetings this month.

And then there’s the half of an oak tree that fell on my deck last night. No one woke up, no holes in the roof or broken railings-at least as far as we can tell at this point. Someone is coming later this afternoon to get the tree off so we can look more closely. Life is never boring!

One last clean up detail-last month Sarah Tufford told us about a group in the Madison, Wisconsin area. New homes are found for sewing machines that still work, and in the process gives new hope for the future to poor people. They sew for themselves, their families, and to make a little money to live on. Here’s the website: thesewingmachineproject.org. Some of us have been thinking about a trip to Gayfeathers in Madison and a trunkful of donated sewing machines would be a great impetus! Any takers?

Other calendar details (listed on the website)-Join us Tuesday, July 27th for a trip to SR Harris. Imagine the treasures to be had when a bunch of us start looking! We’ll car pool up to Brooklyn Park and have lunch because it will be hard work 😉

If you’re looking for a sewing related getaway, you may want to consider the Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan. What if we got a group going together? Novi is supposed to be THE expo for fashion sewing. Here’s the link to the registration: americansewingexpo.com. The dates are Sept. 24-26.

Well, that’s all for now folks. I better get back to my sewing. The tree is being removed piece by piece (and distracting me just a wee bit). Every once in a while everything shakes as it falls more and more! Glad I slept through it.

Knits at The Sampler
More Knits

Kathy's scarf
Tree Down

Knits on Sale!

I’m taking the plunge and trying out buying fabric online. I’ve been looking for just the right geometric knit to complete my outfit and when I opened the email from Gorgeous Fabrics, there it was-and on sale. So I just sent the order off. We’ll see how long it takes and all but it’s very exciting to find what you’re looking for. There are many knits to choose from-solids, patterns, wools, silks and, of course, poly’s.

Just in case you should be tempted-try filling in Material Girls when the form asks you how you heard about Gorgeous Fabrics. See what happens??