Makes as Seen at “Lakes”

July’s Wednesday Garment Sewing Group was held at Lakes Makerie-“on the go” as we dubbed it. It was a great turnout and everyone seemed to have multiple makes so here we go-(yes, this is August and I am playing catch up-internet issues!)

Fearless leader, Sarah, in the Bijou Beret from Untitled Thoughts
Lottie Tunic from Christine Haynes
Vogue 1297-a silhouette that popped up again later
Melrose Top from Itch to Stitch
Rye Vest from By Hand
Butterick 5891
Hoodie from Silhouette Patterns
Alabama Chanin inspired work
Nani Iro Jumpsuit X 2
Vogue 8798
Now Shirt by Sewing Workshop
Kielo Jumpsuit by Named Patterns
Muse’s Jenna Cardigan

2 thoughts on “Makes as Seen at “Lakes”

  1. I have to say this is the best showing of designs and ideas I have seen for a very long time!!!! GREAT SEWING, LADIES!!!!!!, I love the fabrics and everybody is enjoying their designs. !!!!!! Where was the gathering at? I see a lot of Patterns I’ve never heard of, where are you getting those ideas from? I’d love to make the beret to cover my skin head Bijou Beret? Arlene

    p.s I’m going for my third Chemo Infusion and then it’s only 1 more to go and I can start radiation (ugh). So far I have had only two days of odd ball pains and they went away too. I’m healthy, hairless and enjoying talking with those who have already gone through this or are just starting. >


    1. Thanks, Arlene! The store is Lakes Makerie and has been open a few years at 53rd and Chicago. Easy to get to and park and great restaurants nearby. The Bijou Beret pattern from Unfinished Thoughts is a free download-I have already printed it off. Can’t wait to try it!! Best of luck with your treatments-


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