Until Wednesday…

Our last meeting of July’s Garment Sewing Group is this Wednesday, July 14th, 10:30 am at Lakes Makerie. This is our “On the Go” version-just for fun.

Until then, here is some inspiration from our Thursday and Saturday meetings-

A new generation of superheroes-thanks to Grandma!
Rina just finished Fashion Design classes at Minneapolis College-she’ll be at Mpls. Fashion Week in September!
Here’s the garment on her model-
Fajita Skirt from LJ Designs
Roxy Blouse from StyleArc
Vintage patterns

3 thoughts on “Until Wednesday…

  1. Greetings Kristin and Debbie,

    Thanks for sharing the inspirational garments. Everyone looked so pleased to be gathering in person for sew-and-tell! It looks like you had a very good turnout at the 2 meetings.




    1. We had a great turnout and I love the smiles on everyone’s faces-makes me happy! Looking forward to the meeting at Lakes Makerie tomorrow (Wednesday, 10:30)


  2. Loved, loved, loved the outfits everyone made! Great turnout. I’m impressed with their fabric selections and the fits are perfect1!!! Good job, ladies and gentleman.

    Any listing of the patterns used? Hard to read the names. I have never heard of some of these patterns companies, nice to see we are expanding our fashion reach.
    Arlene Hafermann


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