Paris Take Two

Sitting in the hotel lobby with my wine and chocolate. Tuesday was great trip to a flower making atelier. Such a wonderful place, family business with clients like Dior but the owner spoke like he was one of us-in French of course. And original petal cutting forms.
We have seen so many beautiful clothes and eaten great food. I went inside St. Paul’s church today-first church.

This blogging from my iPhone is proving a bit difficult or maybe I’m just tired. So here are a few pictures to tell the story.

A bientot!

November Garments

November has been a busy month but very productive. Expo was great. We hope to see some new faces.
Here are garment photos to help you remember what the Club sheets are talking about. As always, we can send you the electronic copies free if you are a subscriber or $3 if not.
Remember that Silhouette patterns tend to run small in the arms and Decades of Design measurements may be the finished garments.
Photos in order of appearance should be:
Debbie’s ruffle lined jacket
Debbie’s sweater with ribbed bands
Laurel’s boiled wool jacket
Laurel’s Decades of Desgn jacket
Kristin’s swing dress
Kristin’s silk blouse
Kristin’s boiled wool jacket
Kristin’s wrap skirt
Kristin’s corduroy bias jacket