Whirlwind Week; June Club Sheets Online

June Fashion Sewing Club began on Saturday at Treadle followed by a full class of beginning sergers. Mary, the owner at Treadle started the day off right with the announcement that they will be offering Butterick, Vogue, McCalls and KwikSew at a discounted price all the time! You’ll have to check on the start date as there were a few bookkeeping kinks still to be worked out. What a good deal for all of us. Basic Sergery is so satisfying for Debbie and me because students, for the most part, learn a lot and leave feeling much smarter.

A new pattern line you may want to check out

Sunday we drove to Truman, MN (Iowa, as one Club member insisted 🙂 to stay overnight at The Whittler’s Lady Bed and Breakfast so we’d be near Fairmont for our class and trunk show on Monday with the Prairie Star Quilters. The class, Summer Coats, was held in a church and no one did the same thing! We had one Sophia Trench and lots of upcycling of favorite or “too good to get rid of” garments. That might be a good class to try up here.

Tuesday we had a packed house at Treadle. Wednesday we “Focused on Fit” with a basic shell-several full bust adjustments and nips here/tucks there. Thursday was Fashion Sewing Club at Make It Sew; Friday, Sewing With Sheers and Saturday, a full class of Sophia Trenches at Eagle Creek.
All Sophia Trenches except one student made a pillow for her future nursery-and my grandbabies 🙂

Whew! Doing lots of what we love to do. Hope all those who were part of our week had as much fun as we did. Club Sheets are online if you missed it.