January Garment Pictures

With no major snow or electrical outages to put a damper on things, the January meetings of Fashion Sewing Club came off without a hitch. Here are the pictures of the garments plus a few show and tell items. If you are a subscriber and didn’t make it to the meeting, email us and we’ll send you copies of the sheets. Otherwise they are available for $3.

Guest sewist, Hilary's, Project Runway Vest

Brenda's Sewing Workshop Trio Collection

Carrie's Fancy Lining-Silhouette Wrap Skirt

Laurel's Circle Vest

Laurel's Marcy Tilton Tee

Debbie's Sweater Knit Tee

Debbie's Cuffed Blouse

Debbie's Half Zip

Kristin's Fleece Car Coat

Unfortunately, Zach’s vest is on its way to California and the Ruffled Pajama Top is on display at Treadle. Will do better next time.

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