Saturday’s Show and Tell

I think we hit a record for attendance on a Saturday meeting for Fashion Sewing Club-twenty people!! Woohoo!

Our Saturday morning photographer (anyone interested for Tuesday or Thursday?) snapped these photos-but the real “heart warmer/sweetheart/valentine” story was that Barbara (pictured in the black wool coat below) and her sister, Judy, have been attending for at least a year now. Barbara made quite a few versions of a double sided quilted jacket but came in her newly sewn black coat on Saturday. Judy, unbeknownst to her sister, had made a soft cuddly blanket for Barbara and embellished it with all of the cotton scraps from Judy’s jackets. She unfolded it in front of Barbara for the first time at Club on Saturday! (We didn’t get a picture but I’d post it if one of them would send a photo-hint, hint). Those two sisters are a perfect example of how we can encourage each other to go beyond our previous sewing boundaries. And if your sister doesn’t sew, come to Club and meet a new sister to join you on your journey!

Thanks for all the “keep me on the email list” responses. Just doing a little housecleaning. You don’t need to do anything if we’ve seen you/talked to you in the last twelve months.

Tuesday and Thursday Clubbers-the gauntlet has been thrown!






2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Show and Tell

  1. Just a thought on your new pattern of the month idea–how about having a detailed write up (especially the part about the fabric being purchased at Treadle, etc.) so folks who weren’t there might participate during another month? It would probably be best if it was on the page but not tied to a specific month. Just an idea.

    I was 1 of the 20 in February–inspirational!


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