July Sew and Tell

Beautiful summer weather may have kept some from staying indoors and sewing but we still had great attendance during our July meetings.

It all started with Debbie's skirt...
It all started with Debbie’s skirt…

Which inspired Donna to turn the border on its head
Which inspired Donna to turn the border on its head

And Rosemary to give Peggy Sagers a try
And Rosemary to give Peggy Sagers a try
Alabama Chanin techniques from Sewing Workshop
Alabama Chanin techniques from Sewing Workshop

A few more Sewing Workshop patterns
A few more Sewing Workshop patterns


Marcy Tilton Vogue
Marcy Tilton Vogue

StyleArc pattern
StyleArc pattern







Remake of a retro pattern that is currently available as  V9132
Remake of a retro pattern that is currently available as V9132


And for all of you knitters-a pair of socks :)
And for all of you knitters-a pair of socks 🙂

Happy summer weekend (of sewing)!
Hope to see you next week at Fashion Sewing Club!

The fashions are great at the Puyallup Sewing Expo 2014 and best of all, there isn’t any snow!!

From Roving Reporter Kay Dole-

Joining a “Sew Many Options Tour” with Marsha McClintock for the sewing expo has turned out to be a good decision. Lee, from the Saturday Fashion Sewing Club, did this last year and recommended it. My day started with a two hour bus trip from Portland and a winning ticket for one of the door prizes on the way. Now if only my luck would hold out for one of those new sewing machines being given out at the expo…….
Classes, fashion shows and shopping filled the day. A leather sewing class by Peggy Sagers was filled with new information including that you can wash leather in the washing machine. Who knew?

The first fashion show I attended was narrated by Patti Palmer of Palmer/Pletsch fame and featured patterns from McCalls, Butterick and Vogue. Lots of dresses which seemed to fall into two major categories: form fitting sheaths or twirly full skirted dresses. Most were sleeveless which is not always the most flattering for those of us of a certain age. Trends were described as including either brightly colored solids or water colored or splashy prints. Dresses with interesting details were also featured. Check out these pictures and see what you think.





Also, the fashion show by Marcy and Katherine Tilton was delightful. Their choices are always interesting and include styles we can all wear while still including some edgy items only for the brave. See a few pictures from their show.



I did find a few pieces of fabric while shopping at their booth. Also, if any of you follow the blog “Communing with Fabric”, its author, Shams, was shopping while I was there and we picked two of the same fabrics. She has good taste!

I found some things at Linda Lee’s booth as well as a new pattern from Louise Cutting. Diane Erickson has some beautiful new upcycled items that are fun to see. She is so creative and is using Tee Juice markers to draw and embellish items. I had to buy some to try.
All for now as I have to rest up for tomorrow. They are predicting some snow, just can’t seem to get away from it.

Wrap Dress

We’re told this dress looks good on everyone-here’s what Carrie, our California transplant has to say:

I’ve really been trying to hit on the best knit dress pattern for a while- but first I had to find the right knit fabric. I picked up that fun
animal print knit from SR Harris – great body, hand, and stretch. I really took a step out on the print – but figured what the heck-
animal is always in for Fall!

I had two wrap dress patterns to choose from – the easy Vogue 8379, and Debbie gave me the Christine Jonson wrap dress pattern. I did my research on PatternReview.com and it seems that there are several adjustments people have commonly made on the vogue dress – sleeve cap too puffy, skirt too voluminous, and neck facings not staying put were common call outs. By the time I got through the reviews – I’m not sure why this pattern gets such high ratings! The Christine Jonson pattern has very few adjustments noted on PatternReview, one of the most common being the length is very long. I decided to go with the Christine Jonson given the reviews. I also like that it has the knit stretch worksheet to determine the best size – I don’t know why the big 4 don’t mention the need to adjust for stretch on their knit patterns. I did like the collar and cuff styling better from the Vogue pattern – they just seem to have a bit more “style” to them. However, after trying to get a nice point at the end of my collar I realized knit fabric doesn’t really lend itself to these fashionable details ; ) In the end I’m very happy with my dress and will make it again. I do think I must have a bit of a sway back – I seem to have about an extra inch of fabric pooling at the dip at the bottom of my back. My ties are also extremely long – but not much to complain about really.

Here is my picture – now I just need some great accessories to finish it off!

Fashion Sewing Club Notes

We’ve had two meetings-Make It Sew and Treadle-so much great Show and Tell and people shared info right away so I thought I would too. We still have Club meetings Thursday and Saturday at Hancock. Hope to see the rest of you.

1. Becky’s dress pattern was Vogue 8666. Everybody loved it and it’s an Easy Vogue-click on the pattern number to see it.

2. Donella’s microwave bowl or plate hotpad instructions-sorry I didn’t get a pic 😦

Microwave Hotpad

Two squares coordinating fabrics 11 ½”X 11 ½”
Two squares warm and natural 11 ½” X 11 ½” (Do not use polyester batting. It could melt in the microwave.)
Thread- cotton if possible. (I was told the polyester would melt also. But I’ve not had a problem.)

Lay one fabric on one batting. Quilt together. I sewed an X across the square.
Sew 3/8” darts -2 ½” long in the center of each side of the square. Shorter would make it more of a bowl. You can experiment with this.
Repeat with other square of fabric and batting.
Put quilted and darted squares right sides together. Sew all the way around leaving an opening. Turn right side out. Topstitch close to edge all the way around closing up the opening.

Lay in the microwave. Put dish on top. Microwave. Use like pot holder as you take the dish out and use on table as a hot pad, too.
One can make it in several sizes. The one I copied was 6 ½” square.

Laurel modelled Lucy's wrap

3. This is a great wrap for showing off a beautiful piece of fabric. In the picture is a velvet burnout from Treadle. We all thought it would be the perfect travel piece too!
Simply take a 23″ length of fabric-this one is 54″ wide-and roll hem serge all edges. Fold in half so selvedges would be together (yes, they’ve been serged off-or not if they are decorative). Stitch one of the two identical sides leaving a 14″ opening at folded edge for your head to fit through.

And then a few pictures of Show and Tell! We get so inspired by what you do!! It seems like most Show and Tell is crafty or for kids but those are the easiest to photograph-I’ll work on getting more garment pictures that look good.

Stylin' Olivia-lowering the average age of Club attendees!

Watch for the Club garment pictures after Saturday.

September Fashion Sewing Club Photos

It was so good to see all of you again. I think we all missed getting together in August! We started out at The Sampler and had a fun group with a few newbies. The group that came to Hancock/Southtown seemed happy to be around fabric and notions and the Treadle morning group had no chairs to spare! There was so much creative energy we had to turn on the air conditioning.

Show and Tell was wonderful. Maybe the extra month gave everyone more time but I’m hoping we keep seeing all of your good work. There are a few pictures below and you can always send us a photo of your creation and we’ll post it.

A good source for outdoor fabric is Rockywoods-supplex, ripstop, etc. We also have a good place to donate fabric. Bring it to any classes and we’ll get it delivered.

Debbie wanted to show the versatility of the Yoga Pant by Peggy Sagers. They’re perfect for dressing up or down. We’ve changed the class to 2 hours and $20.

Laurel and I were reminded how important a muslin (or toile) can be. I was fooled into thinking I knew how a Marcy Tilton would fit me and Laurel figured Cynthia Guffey’s pattern would be error proof. We’ll both be stocking up on muslin 😛

So here they are with a bit more info than usual. The Club sheets are now included here on the website. Click on Club sheets in the top bar and September 2010 should show-click on that and you’ll find this month’s printout or find it in the far right column under Pages. We still think personally attending Club is the most inspiring and fun but it doesn’t always work into the schedule. This also makes it easy to find information you need when you can’t find your sheets. Is this helpful? Do you like the inclusion of pattern numbers?

The fall colors are coming out and the weather is cooling (but the sun is so beautiful today). Hope you are inspired to make yourself or someone else a warm garment.

Detail of Debbie's variation on KwikSew 2993 and tee from Sew Stylish Fall 2010

Debbie's Dress Up Blouse Kwik Sew 3620-not shown Silhouette #3400 Yoga Pant

Debbie's double collar variation on Butterick 6085

Wedding Dress #3-KwikSew 3735

Kristin's Sewing Workshop MixIt Tank Detail

Half finished using PaintStiks to highlight fabric weave

Variation on Vogue 8454

Laurel's Indygo Junction One Button Swing Topper

Laurel's shirt after alterations-Burda 8368

Close up of Kathy's Sewing Workshop Urban Tee-trim all seam allowances as much as you can

Cheri's variation on Sewing Workshop MixIt Tee

The Weddings and the Dresses

My feet feel like they’re back on the ground and I think I could sleep for a whole day but, wow, what a wonderful month of weddings! Meeting new people, dressing up, going new places, watching life change before my very eyes… I am in awe of how full life can be.

So on to the pictures. The Colorado wedding was first so those pictures are first. This is also my youngest son-he proposed first so he got the earlier date. I wore the Vogue 1138 dress out of rayon from last month’s club (scroll down 3 posts to see Wedding Dress #2) to the groom’s dinner in Colorado but still haven’t found anyone that took a picture. The dress for that wedding was from Nordstrom’s and I really liked the neckline.

Then it’s the Milwaukee wedding and the eldest child. Can I still call him child? I double dipped for the groom’s dinner in Milwaukee because the cast of characters was mostly different. The dress for the wedding was KwikSew 3735 which is a copy of a Kay Unger dress that is carried by Nordstrom’s and also a Vogue pattern (but more on that at Fashion Sewing Club in September).

Bridal Couple, Siblings and Siblings-In-Law
Nephew and Dress #1
Groom and Mother of Groom

Bridal Couple #2

Proud Parents and Grandparents

Dancing the Night Away